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ETF Trends, Patterns and Setups – New Trend Signals, RSI(14) versus the Momentum Composite, Failed Breakouts Lead to Bigger Consolidations (Premium)

There were several new uptrend signals this past week and these signals suggest a stronger risk appetite in the stock market. Today’s report will review the StochClose indicator and some of these new trend-following signals. We will also show these signals on the revamped Ranking and Trend Table. Today’s charts also

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ETF Trends, Patterns and Setups – Signs of Rotation, Old Economy ETFs Start to Lead, Prior Leaders Start to Lag, SPY Doesn’t Care (Premium)

Signs of rotation kicked in with a big surge in the 10-yr yield and the rotations continued over the past week. We are seeing leadership from the groups that lagged from May to July. These are ETFs related to finance, industrials, materials and housing. ETFs related to tech and healthcare led the market from May to July and these groups could be poised

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Weekend Video – Big Moves in Bonds, Gold and the Dollar trigger Signs of Rotation within Stock Market (Premium)

Signs of rotation suddenly appeared in the markets with the Treasury bond ETFs falling sharply and the 10-yr yield surging. The Dollar followed yields higher, while the Gold SPDR followed bonds lower. Within the stock market, we saw strength in banks lift small-caps and weakness in XLY and XLK weigh on the S&P 500 SPDR. Elsewhere, the S&P 500 EW

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Online Gambling ETF and Stocks (Premium)

As its name suggests, the Sports Betting iGaming ETF (BETZ) is designed to capture the rise in online gambling. Online gambling has been around for a while, especially in Europe, but it is relatively new in the US because more state legislatures are making it legal. I am not here to argue the fundamentals

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