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Premium content is geared towards traders and investors interested in a systematic and objective approach.

Master ETF ChartList with 200 ETFs organized in a logical top down manner to streamline your analysis process.

Essential Breadth Indicator ChartList featuring dozens of breadth indicators and over 100 customized charts.

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I have been a loyal follower and admirer of yours for years and I am slowly able to see/read charts more objectively .... and tune out the noise.
Paul U.
San Anselmo, CA
The work you do to keep us informed of the overall market direction is invaluable. It saves me tons of time and effort. Your reminders of the overall trend prevent me from overthinking and doing too much in the way of counter-trend trading.
Ben C.
Raleigh, NC
I have been reading/subscribing to you for over 15 years - and just want to say you do great work, and thank you.
Al F.
I have always appreciated your work, especially now because your 9 breadth indicators gave clear & timely signals. You keep us on the right side of the trend with the benchmark highs & lows in the indexes & sectors. It’s all so clear and consistent.
Barbara P.
Sierra Vista, AZ

Frequently asked questions

We publish on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

We will provide an update if market conditions change and our breadth models trigger new signals.  

Our time horizon is anywhere from a few weeks to several months. We are focused on the bigger trends at work and a few days is usually not enough to change our assessment.

Yes! We want to be involved in names that show persistent and consistent uptrends, and that have strong relative momentum. Investing in the leaders is a strategy that has proven itself over time.

Each week we rank and group our list of core ETFs, which includes GLD and TLT. Investors looking to focus on the strongest uptrends can invest the top tier ETFs and rotate out of them when they move into the bottom half of our ranking.

The analysis and trading setups are designed for idea generation. There are no model portfolios or definitive exit rules. Traders should already know their preferred setups and analysis styles, and use our services if they fit. Investing and trading involves risk and potential loss of money. See our Disclaimer and Terms of Use for more details.

Yes, you can cancel at any time. We do not offer prorated refunds and your subscription will end with the billing cycle.

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