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This page provides an overview of my philosophy, the analysis tools that I use, the commentary schedule and the offerings on the premium page. Focusing on ETFs, TrendinvestorPro offers an objective and systematic approach to the analysis process. Note that there are three possibilities when we analyze a chart

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ETF Trends, Patterns and Setups – Failing Pennants and Flags, REITs Get Extended, XLU and XLV Set Up (Premium)

There are still plenty of short-term setups out there. These include one to three week pennants, flags and falling wedges. There were even some short-term breakout attempts in late May and early June. Several of these breakouts are under pressure as prices fell back. A short-term consolidation within an uptrend is typically a bullish continuation pattern, but

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5G Takes the Lead (Free)

The 5G Next Generation ETF (FIVG) is taking the lead within the tech space as it breaks out of a bullish continuation pattern. FIVG is leading because it recorded a new high here in early June. Not very many tech-related ETFs hit new highs here in early June and this makes it relatively easy to separate the leaders from the laggards.

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CARZ Revs its Soon-to-be Silent Engine (Free)

Some of the old Ford and GM cars can still rev their engines, but the sound of a revving engine could go the way of the dodo. Perhaps, I should say that the price chart for the Global Auto ETF (CARZ) is revving its engine and poised for a breakout.

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Weekend Video – A Record Run, BBB Spreads, Bull Market Turns 1, Oversold Bounces in ITB and COPX, Upswings in CARZ and BETZ (Premium)

May was a volatile month for SPY with five swings of two percent or more, but the month ended slightly positive after a 3% upswing the last eight trading days. May is finished and now we head to June, which has a slightly negative seasonal bias. We will look at this seasonal pattern in today’s video and put the current

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