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Stock-Signals – S&P 500 Trend Composite Signals (Free)

The Trend Composite is a trend indicator that aggregate signals in five indicators. Bollinger Bands (125,1), Keltner Channels (125,2), 5-day Rate-of-Change of 125-day SMA, StochClose (125,5) and CCI-Close (125). Click on any column heading to sort. This table is updated every Friday before the open.

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Finding the Leaders with ATR Momentum (Free)

Chartists can find leaders by ranking ETF performance in ATR multiples, and there is even an indicator for that. Normalized-ROC puts point performance in ATR multiples and we can compare these values against others. Current Normalized-ROC

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Stock-Strategy – Trend-Momentum Profit Target Strategy for Russell 1000 – Indicators, Conditions, Signals, Entries, Exits, Profit Targets and Parameters (Premium)

We are making progress. After a big hiccup on Thursday, I reworked the strategy and will cover the basics in this article. Here are some of the changes. First, the strategy trades stocks in the Russell 1000 to capture more beta. Second, I tightened the volatility filter by requiring the standard deviation to be below 50%. Third, I added price,

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Changing the Offering and Moving to Stocks

Traders use relative performance to find stocks that are outperforming the broader market. Relative performance is also important for evaluating trading strategies. A strategy with a relatively high drawdown should deliver

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