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Getting Started with TrendInvestorPro!

This page shows users how to navigate the website and explains the offerings. We cover the publishing schedule for Chart Trader and signal updates for System Trader. Attention then turns to my trading and analysis style and the tools of the trade.

Breadth Charts and ChartList – Get an Edge with Inside Information

Breadth indicators are also referred to as market internals. As the “vital signs” for an index or sector, breadth indicators reflect aggregate performance for the individual components. As such, breadth indicators can provide leading signals by strengthening before a bottom or weakening ahead of a top. After all, the whole is only as good as the sum of the parts

Ordinary Dividends: To Adjust or Not to Adjust

Dividends may seem like harmless add-ons when it comes to price data, but they can have big effects over time. The biggest problem is that dividend adjustments create artificial prices that do not reflect reality at the time of the actual trade. There are also short-term problems as moving average values, price highs and price lows also shift after an adjustment.

The Master ETF List (250+) and the curated All Weather List (50)

Introducing two chart lists: a Master ETF list with over 200 ETFs and a focused All Weather list with 50 ETFs. Chartists looking for a wide array of industry group, commodity and international ETFs can turn to the Master list. Chartists looking for focus

Changing the Offering: Moving from ETFs to Stocks

ETFs lost their low drawdown edge in 2022 as the strategies drawdowns exceeded expectations. Traders use relative performance to find stocks that are outperforming the broader market. Relative performance is also important for evaluating trading strategies. A strategy with a relatively high drawdown should deliver

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