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Welcome to System Trader at TrendInvestorPro!

There are two distinct offerings available at TrendInvestorPro:

  • System Trader offers quantified trading strategies and signals
  • Chart Trader offers technical analysis and trading ideas

This page is for System Trader subscribers.

Note that System Trader is for self-directed traders and investors. In other words, you, and only you, are responsible for your trading and investment decisions.

System Trader Content

Data-driven Strategies and Signals that Beat the Market and Preserve Capital

Arthur developed trading strategies that significantly outperform buy-and-hold and have much lower drawdowns. The Dual Momentum Rotation Strategies employ a proprietary rank indicator to capture momentum and a market timing model to limit risk. The Mean-Reversion strategy provides a complement by trading oversold stocks on a short-term basis.

A membership to System Trader includes:

  • Strategy reports with explanations and performance metrics
  • Nasdaq 100 Momentum-Rotation Strategy (weekly signals)
  • S&P 500 Momentum-Rotation Strategy (weekly signals)
  • Russell 1000 Mean-Reversion Strategy (daily signals)
  • A market timing model using 14 breadth indicators

System Trader Main Pages & Navigation

There are four main pages for System Trader subscribers:

  • System Trader Strategies
  • System Trader Signals
  • System Trader Marking Timing
  • System Trader Articles

The Strategies page contains full reports for each strategy. These reports include indicator explanations, signal examples, trading frequency and performance metrics. Note that we update performance metrics at the beginning of every month. These reports also explain the signal tables.

The Signals page contains links to the signal pages for each strategy. We update daily strategies the day after every trading day (before 6AM ET). We update weekly strategies the day after the last trading day of the week (usually Saturdays before 6AM ET.)

The Market Timing page contains the Composite Breadth Model (CBM), model charts, yield spread charts and the Fed Balance sheet. We update this page every Saturday (before 6AM ET).  We will issue a special report should the Composite Breadth Model change between updates.

The Articles page contains special reports related to systematic trading. Past reports covered the following:

  • The AI Boom (NVDA) vs the Internet Boom (CSCO)
  • How to Get Started with Momentum Strategies
  • Zweig Breadth Thrust: Testing and Adding a Twist
  • Skip the Noise, Focus on the Signal, Effectively Use the 200-day
  • Market Timing Models Improve Long-term Performance

The navigation links are at the top of every webpage. System Trader page links are the four on the left (green). Chart Trader page links are the two on the right. Note that there these are two separate subscriptions.

Users can access System Trader pages by hovering over the Members link at the top.

System Trader Schedule, Vacation & Email Alerts

We update daily strategies the day after every trading day (before 6AM ET). We update weekly strategies the day after the last trading day of the week (usually Saturdays before 6AM ET.)

Signal pages are updated throughout the year, even during the holidays.

We send email alerts when there is a new report or weekend update. If you are NOT on the list and would like to be added, click here for the signup form.

Tools of the Trade

First and foremost, I use Amibroker and Norgate data for system development, backtesting and explorations. It is one of the fastest, cleanest and most versatile platforms out there. There is quite a learning curve because it requires detailed coding.

Second, I sometimes link charts in commentaries to an equivalent chart from, which I also use at times.  

I also created the TIP Indicator Edge Plug-In for StockCharts ACP. This plugin includes 11 unique indicators for trend following, mean-reversion setups, trailing stops and volatility. See this article for complete explanations and chart examples.

Third, I use TradingView (affiliate link here) when following the markets during trading hours. They offer a wide array of indicators and data sources.

Thanks for tuning in and have a great day!

-Arthur Hill, CMT
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