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A New Trend Signal for a Former High Flyer (Free)

Today’s commentary will start with price chart analysis for a clean energy ETF, which once led the market with triple digit gains. After a corrective period, it appears that this high flying ETF and a few of its brethren are turning up again with recent trend signals. We will start with the price chart analysis and then turn to the systematic signals.

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ETF Trends, Patterns and Setups – New Trend Signals, RSI(14) versus the Momentum Composite, Failed Breakouts Lead to Bigger Consolidations (Premium)

There were several new uptrend signals this past week and these signals suggest a stronger risk appetite in the stock market. Today’s report will review the StochClose indicator and some of these new trend-following signals. We will also show these signals on the revamped Ranking and Trend Table. Today’s charts also

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