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Short and Long Term Yields Diverge, Junk Bonds Break Out, Water Holds Strong, MJ Tries to Bottom, Emerging Markets ETF Goes for Breakout (Premium)

Today’s commentary starts with Treasury yields by highlighting the divergence between short-term and long-term yields. We then look at the yield curve and its correlation with the Regional Bank ETF. Even though KRE has underperformed the last three months, it became quite oversold last week and got a bounce. We then turn to the breakout in the

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Introduction to Trend-Following (revised) – Assumptions, Expectations, Indicators, Backtests and Conclusions – with video (Premium)

This article will dive into trend following. We will start by going over some key assumptions and expectations to consider when implementing a trend-following strategy. What are realistic Win Rates and Profit/Loss ratios? Attention then turns to selecting a timeframe suitable to trend-following. I will then explain 10 trend-following indicators

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ETF Trends, Patterns and Setups – Failing Pennants and Flags, REITs Get Extended, XLU and XLV Set Up (Premium)

There are still plenty of short-term setups out there. These include one to three week pennants, flags and falling wedges. There were even some short-term breakout attempts in late May and early June. Several of these breakouts are under pressure as prices fell back. A short-term consolidation within an uptrend is typically a bullish continuation pattern, but

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5G Takes the Lead (Free)

The 5G Next Generation ETF (FIVG) is taking the lead within the tech space as it breaks out of a bullish continuation pattern. FIVG is leading because it recorded a new high here in early June. Not very many tech-related ETFs hit new highs here in early June and this makes it relatively easy to separate the leaders from the laggards.

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