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This page provides an overview of my philosophy, the analysis tools that I use, the commentary schedule and the offerings on the premium page. Focusing on ETFs, TrendinvestorPro offers an objective and systematic approach to the analysis process. Note that there are three possibilities when we analyze a chart

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Bonds Throws a Tantrum and Banks Cheer (Free)

The 20+ Yr Treasury Bond ETF (TLT) threw a tantrum this week with the biggest two day decline since March 2020, which was a very chaotic month. With a sharp decline in bonds, the 10-yr Treasury Yield broke above its summer highs and the bulls

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ETF Trends, Patterns and Setups – Downtrend Signals Expand and Hit Key Groups, Tech ETFs Hold Up Relatively Well (Premium)

After a dozen new uptrend signals in late August and early September, the tide changed as the S&P 500 experienced its first 4-5 percent pullback since May. This pullback was enough to reverse some of the new uptrend signals and there were 14 new downtrend signals over the last five days. I am referring only to the 113 equity-related ETFs

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Weekend Video – SPY Pulls back as %Above 200-day Dips, Fed Balance Sheet Surges, IWM Flags and Four ETFs Setting Up (Premium)

The market regime remains bullish, but breadth continues to wane and more breakouts are failing. Overall, ETFs related to tech, healthcare, communication services and REITs are leading, while ETFs related to industrials, materials and housing are lagging because their breakouts failed to hold. I am also watching TLT and the Dollar because

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New Trend Signals: Act Now or Wait for a Pullback? (Free)

Chartists often face a conundrum when a new trend signal triggers because the stock or ETF is frequently extended when this signal triggers. After all, it takes strong buying pressure for a new uptrend to signal. Short-term overbought or extended conditions are long-term bullish, but these

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