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Market/ETF Video – Widespread Weakness, Oil Holds Up as NatGas Hits Support-Reversal Zone, Dollar Remains Strong, Industrial Metals Sink (Premium)

Weakness is widespread throughout the stock market, and other markets. The Composite Breadth Model is and remains bearish. fewer than 20% of S&P 1500 stocks are above their 200-day SMAs and yield spreads show stress in the credit markets. Almost all stock-based ETFs are in downtrends and most of the alternative ETFs are also in downtrends (bonds, gold, silver, the

Market/ETF Video – %Above 200-day, New Highs vs Lows, Gold and Copper Hold Breakouts, Materials and Defense ETFs Surge, Ag and Wheat Are Setting Up (Premium)

The major index ETFs are in the midst of a bounce, but this bounce is still considered a bear market bounce. The bigger trends are still down for SPY and QQQ, the Composite Breadth Model is negative and yield spreads are elevated. Despite bullish breadth thrusts in late May, the percentage of stocks above their 200-day SMAs

Market and ETF Report – Energy and Ag with Consistent Uptrends, Some Stock-Based ETFs Holding Up Better, Watching Breakouts in Metals ETFs (Premium)

Today’s report will start with the Composite Breadth Model and some words on the Market Regime because this is the dominant force at work for stocks and stock-based ETFs. Some stock-based ETFs are featured in this report because they are either in uptrends on the price chart, have positive Trend Composites or held their January-March lows (did not break down).

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