Data-Driven Strategies and Next Level Analysis

Take your trading success to the next level with objective analysis and a systematic process from Arthur Hill, CMT.

TrendInvestorPro offers two separate services: Chart Trader and System Trader

System Trader

Data-driven Strategies and Signals that Beat the Market and Preserve Capital

A membership to System Trader includes:

  • Nasdaq 100 Dual Momentum Rotation Strategy (weekly signals)
  • S&P 500 Dual Momentum Rotation Strategy (weekly signals)
  • Composite Breadth Model for broad market timing

Chart Trader

Robust Chart Analysis to Help You Make Better Trading Decisions

Arthur uses a top-down approach that starts with broad market conditions and group analysis to identify the leaders. He then employs simple and unique charting techniques to find trades with good risk/reward ratios.

A membership to Chart Trader includes:

  • Broad market timing using breadth indicators and index analysis
  • Carefully curated trading setups and ideas for stocks and ETFs
  • Reports are published on Tuesdays and Thursdays before the open
  • Each report includes a comprehensive video for further understanding

Arthur developed and refined his trading processes with over three decades of experience. His strategies are designed to survive bear markets by preserving capital and outperform during bull markets by focusing on leaders. To this end, TrendInvestorPro provides data-driven trading strategies and actionable chart analysis to help you take your trading success to the next level.

Arthur holds the Chartered Market Technician (CMT) designation from the CMT Association.

His research appears in the Journal of Technical Analysis: Finding Consistent Trends with Strong Momentum.

He wrote a book that teaches new traders how to trade in the direction of the bigger trend: Define the Trend and Trade the Trend.

Arthur’s work can also be seen on, Financial Sense, and Stocks & Commodities Magazine.

Trading and investing involves risk. Past performance does not guarantee future performance and there will be drawdowns (losing periods) along the way.


I have been a loyal follower and admirer of yours for years and I am slowly able to see/read charts more objectively .... and tune out the noise.
Paul U.
San Anselmo, CA
The work you do to keep us informed of the overall market direction is invaluable. It saves me tons of time and effort. Your reminders of the overall trend prevent me from overthinking and doing too much in the way of counter-trend trading.
Ben C.
Raleigh, NC
I have been reading/subscribing to you for over 15 years - and just want to say you do great work, and thank you.
Al F.
I have always appreciated your work, especially now because your 9 breadth indicators gave clear & timely signals. You keep us on the right side of the trend with the benchmark highs & lows in the indexes & sectors. It’s all so clear and consistent.
Barbara P.
Sierra Vista, AZ

Frequently asked questions

There are two separate subscriptions: ChartTrader and SystemTrader. ChartTrader is for chart analysis and trading setups. SystemTrader is for quantified strategies and signals.

We publish on Tuesdays and Thursdays before the market open (by 8:30AM ET)

Our time horizon is anywhere from a few weeks to several months. We are focused on the bigger trends at work and a few days is usually not enough to change our assessment.

We post weekly signals at the end of the trading week (usually Saturday mornings). Strategies with daily signals post the next day before the market open (before 6AM ET).

The Composite Breadth Model is updated every Wednesday before the market open (by 8AM ET).  We will update the model should it change between signals and post a report.

Yes! We want to be involved in names that show persistent and consistent uptrends, and that have strong relative momentum. The momentum-rotation strategies capture the leaders with the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100.

System Trader tracks the performance for the quantified strategies and the Composite Breadth Model. Chart Trader does not publish a track record because I do not trade all ideas presented. Self-directed traders should assess the ideas for themselves and decide which fit their criteria. See our Disclaimer and Terms of Use for more details.

Yes, you can cancel at any time. We do not offer prorated refunds and your subscription will end with the billing cycle. Cancel using the Support link at the upper right of each page.

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