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5G Takes the Lead (Free)

The 5G Next Generation ETF (FIVG) is taking the lead within the tech space as it breaks out of a bullish continuation pattern. FIVG is leading because it recorded a new high here in early June. Not very many tech-related ETFs hit new highs here in early June and this makes it relatively easy to separate the leaders from the laggards.

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CARZ Revs its Soon-to-be Silent Engine (Free)

Some of the old Ford and GM cars can still rev their engines, but the sound of a revving engine could go the way of the dodo. Perhaps, I should say that the price chart for the Global Auto ETF (CARZ) is revving its engine and poised for a breakout.

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KRE Breakout Holds and Bodes well for Small-caps (Free)

The Regional Bank ETF pattern over the last few months is similar to that of the S&P SmallCap 600 SPDR and Russell 2000 ETF. This is not surprising because the financial services sector accounts for 17.8% of IJR and 16.34% of IWM, and is the second biggest sector for both

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Semis Loose their Shine (Free)

The long-term trend for the Semiconductor ETF (SMH) remains up, but the ETF is coming under some selling pressure and underperforming the broader market. While this is not enough reason to turn long-term bearish, it does increase the odds of corrective period in the coming weeks.

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