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Is this a Dead-Cat Bounce or a Bounce with Legs?

Stocks fell sharply into late April and then rebounded over the last two weeks. SPY fell 5.34% from March 28th to April 19th and then rebounded with a 3.26% gain the last two weeks. Does this bounce have legs? Chartists can separate

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ChartTrader – Correction within Uptrend, Oversold Bounce within Correction, Symbols: TLT, $TNX, XLU, XLP, PBJ, URA, SOXX, TXN ADI, MCHP (Premium)

Volatility is on the rise as we saw outsized declines into mid April and breaks below the 50-day SMAs for SPY and QQQ. Both rebounded the last six days and they are approaching the underside of their 50-day SMAs, which may turn into resistance. Overall, the long-term evidence remains bullish for stocks, but the short-term evidence

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