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Finding Leaders and Bullish Signals on the Price Chart

Chartists can improve their odds by focusing on stocks that are in long-term uptrends and showing upside leadership. This is similar to a dual-momentum approach, which was covered last week. Today’s example will use the 40-week SMA to define the trend, a 52-week high

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Capturing the Momentum Phenomenon

The momentum phenomenon has been a fixture in the US equity markets for decades. There are two types of momentum to consider: absolute momentum and relative momentum. Absolute momentum refers to the underlying trend, up or down

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Gold is Making Waves Again (Free)

Gold is not the most exciting asset at the moment, but it is in a long-term uptrend and it is perhaps the strongest commodity out there. There are also signs that the January decline is ending as RSI hits a momentum support zone and a bullish continuation pattern forms.

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