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The Trend Monitoring and Setup Phases for SPY

Stocks were slammed on Black Friday with small-caps leading the way lower and stay-at-home stocks bouncing. The declines were big, but they should be put into perspective. First, Black Friday is pretty much a holiday and trading volume was well below average on the Nasdaq and NYSE. It does not take much to move

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Follow Through with A Big Participation Pop (Free)

Stocks surged for the second Thursday in as many weeks, but this Thursday’s surge was a lot different than the previous week. This week’s surge featured a strong open and strong close as well as the strongest breadth in four months. What does it mean going forward? Let’s investigate.

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Bonds Throws a Tantrum and Banks Cheer (Free)

The 20+ Yr Treasury Bond ETF (TLT) threw a tantrum this week with the biggest two day decline since March 2020, which was a very chaotic month. With a sharp decline in bonds, the 10-yr Treasury Yield broke above its summer highs and the bulls

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New Trend Signals: Act Now or Wait for a Pullback? (Free)

Chartists often face a conundrum when a new trend signal triggers because the stock or ETF is frequently extended when this signal triggers. After all, it takes strong buying pressure for a new uptrend to signal. Short-term overbought or extended conditions are long-term bullish, but these

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