Two ETFs with Market Leading Charts and Fast Growing Industries

New highs and a fast growing industry group make for a powerful combination. Today’s article will focus on two ETFs that capture two fast growing industries, video gaming and esports. We will show why these two ETFs are leading, why a consolidation within an uptrend is bullish and why a 50-day SMA is better suited for mean-reversion trading.

ETFs hitting new highs last week are leading and should be on our radar. First and foremost, SPY and QQQ have yet to record 52-week highs in November, though both are close. ETFs that already hit new highs are leading SPY and QQQ. Second, an ETF is in an undeniably strong uptrend when hitting a 52-week high.

The charts below show two Video, Gaming & eSports ETFs, ESPO and HERO. Both hit new highs in early September, consolidated with triangles into early November and broke out last week. A consolidation within an uptrend is typically a bullish continuation pattern and the breakouts signal a continuation of the bigger uptrend. This is unequivocally bullish.

The charts also show the 50 and 200 day SMAs. Note that I do not view short to medium term moving averages as trend indicators. Instead, they are better suited for capturing mean-reversion setups, as is RSI. A dip below the 50-day SMA is not bearish when it occurs relatively close to a 52-week high and when price is above the 200-day. This dip signals a pullback within the bigger uptrend and this is more likely a tradable pullback, as opposed to a trend-changing event. Why? Because the path of least resistance is up when the long-term trend is up. We should expect price action to resolve in the direction of the bigger trend.

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-Arthur Hill, CMT
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