Getting Started with TrendInvestorPro!

This page provides an overview of my philosophy, the analysis tools that I use, the commentary schedule and the offerings on the premium page. Focusing on ETFs, TrendinvestorPro offers an objective and systematic approach to the analysis process. Note that there are three possibilities when we analyze a chart

The Methodology behind the ETF Trends, Patterns and Setups Report

This article will explain the methodology behind the ETF Trends, Patterns and Setups report, which is published every Thursday. This comprehensive report groups ETFs according to trend strength, the current pattern at work or the setup in play. ETFs with the steadiest uptrends and recent new highs will be featured near the top. These are followed by ETFs with uptrends and bullish patterns

Defining the Market Regime and Improving Returns with Diversification and StochClose (Premium)

The broad market timing model took another evolutionary step. The goal is to develop a logical and robust model that captured major moves in the stock market, and will continue to capture these moves. We are not talking pullbacks, corrections or dead cat bounces. Instead, we are talking bull and bear markets that affect the vast majority of stocks. The BIG trend or the market regime, as it also called.

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