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Internet Boom, Apple’s Run, AI and Nvidia

I am mostly a technical analyst and trading system developer, but I also like to understand the companies behind the big business trends. AI is the hottest trend right now and has the potential to be bigger than the Internet. To this end, I am getting up to speed through a variety of sources. Today’s report will share a couple of sources for understanding AI and Nvidia. We will then rehash Cisco’s run  during the

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Capturing the Momentum Phenomenon

The momentum phenomenon has been a fixture in the US equity markets for decades. There are two types of momentum to consider: absolute momentum and relative momentum. Absolute momentum refers to the underlying trend, up or down

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SystemTrader – Skip the Noise, Focus on the Signal, Effectively Use the 200-day SMA with $SPX & $NDX (Parts 1&2 – Premium)

The S&P 500 is battling the 200-day SMA with four crosses over the last eleven days. We are also seeing a rise in volatility as this market benchmark plunged 5.86% in nine days (18-27 October) and then surged 5.85% the last five days. With such conditions, it is a good time to step back and look for ways to filter the noise.

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