Charting a Future Possibility versus the Current Reality (Free)

The chart below shows the Cybersecurity ETF (CIBR) with two sets of annotations: a future possibility and the current reality. The future possibility shows that a bullish reversal could be in the making as the ETF held the January low and surged late last week. The current reality, however, is a downtrend that has yet to be reversed

The blue annotations show a possible support zone that stems from broken resistance (45-46 area). It is also clear that the decline from the November high to the Jan-Feb lows retraced around 2/3 of the prior advance (March low to November high). Thus, we have a normal retracement and a return to broken resistance break, which means this could be a correction.  

Even though CIBR found support and surged, it has yet to reverse the immediate downtrend by breaking above a prior high. Also note that the Trend Composite turned bearish in mid January and price broke support on 21-January (green zone). The Trend Composite signal and breakdown are the dominant chart features. The red shading shows resistance and a break above this level is needed to reverse the immediate downtrend. Thus, the downtrend is in force and has yet to be proven otherwise.

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