Weekend Video – Noose Tightens for Small-caps, Growth Perks Up, Mid-week Head Fakes, Metals and China (Premium)

After getting derailed with a curve ball on Tuesday, the bulls rebounded stocks ended the week on a high note. Again, a wide array of ETFs recorded fresh 52-week highs and there are plenty of strong groups in the stock market. This week we are seeing a possible return to growth, clean energy and China. These bullet points also represent the order of play.

  • SPY and QQQ Remain with Solid Uptrends
  • The Noose Tightens for IWM
  • Oil Stalls Near Long-term Resistance
    Bonds Bounce, Dollar Weakens and Gold Holds Breakout
  • Spreads Remain Narrow as Balance Sheet Hits New High
  • 90% of S&P 500 Stocks above 100, 150 and 200 Day SMAs
  • StochClose Rankings, Signals and New Highs
  • Finding Oversold Conditions with High StochClose Values

ETF Chart Highlights

  • Discretionary and Industrials Run with Defensive Sectors
  • Large-caps and Commodities Lead Small-caps and Bonds
  • Trend-monitoring Phase for SPY and QQQ
  • Bollinger Band Squeeze for IJR
  • Russell 2000 Growth and QQQJ Exceed Benchmark Highs
  • XLE and XES Retrace Half with Falling Wedges
  • SOXX Becomes Oversold after Dip
  • SKYY, FDN, CIBR and HERO Bounce off Breakout Zones
  • KRE and KBE Surge off Support
  • JETS Corrects with Wedge and Retracement
  • FAN and ICLN Lead Clean Energy with Breakouts
  • IBB Holds Breakout – IHI and IHF Hit New Highs
  • Copper Complex Remains Strong
  • XME forms Bullish Consolidation
  • URA Firms with RSI Oversold
  • BETZ Forms Bullish Consolidation with Uptrend
  • China Comes to Life (FXI, ASHR)
Thanks for tuning in and have a great weekend!

-Arthur Hill, CMT
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