ETF Ranking, Trends and Setups Table

The ETF Ranking, Signals and Setups Table is designed to define trends, rank performance, track signals and identify mean-reversion setups. See this article for a detailed explanation on the table, indicators and signals.

In short, StochClose signals define uptrends and downtrends. RSI is used to identify oversold conditions in an uptrend and overbought conditions in a downtrend. The column shows overbought or oversold when RSI meets the conditions at least once over the last five days. This keeps the setups alive for at least five days.

The table can be sorted by clicking any of the column headings. You can sort two columns by holding the SHIFT key, clicking one column heading and then clicking a second column heading. And finally, there is a clickable link in the last column that will show a SharpChart from StockCharts.

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